It's My Beat

(Beta Max)

Saturday, November 12, 2005

So pissed off . . .

*"Window Shopper" MP3*

I can't stand 50 Cent! I know I clowned on this girl that wants me to protest him but sis has a point. 50 and this Get Rich Or Die Tryin' shit is outrageous! I think I have to do something. Your boy 50 also said that he felt Kanye was out of line to say Bush doesn't care about black people. I guess he's worried that if Kanye keeps talking like that his shucking and jivin' days of saying the same things over the same beat will come to an end. Get a new beat! Get a new flow! Say something new! Why are you gonna clown on "Window Shoppers" when they are the ones that buy your album?