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(Beta Max)

Monday, November 14, 2005

Where's your money?

*"Where's Your Money?" MP3*

So phoenix said we should take a listen to this. Ah Busta! Why?! We know you're paid. We know you make more than most of us will make in a lifetime. Do we need all of you (Diddy, Busta, 50, TI, etc.) reminding us? Children on the chorus, frosty references, along with chinchilla and ODB resurrected from the grave to mock window shoppers some more.

phoenix also talked about a conversation she'd had with two Kenyans about the way this hip-hop thing gets translated in other parts of the world. She said that it's more than a music, it's a lifestyle. East/west coast rivalry ain't got nothing on urban/rural Kenyans rivalry. The indigenous culture isn't valued by either culture and the hip hop lifestyle is what's to be emulated. Cars with rims, mouths with grills, the shoes, etc. Are all being consumed and our boy 50 is the one that they model themselves after.

Oh what a world!! What can we do? Letters aren't gonna fix this and neither is a boycott? let's think! I know people think we should save the music but I think we need to save the people. How do we do that?